15mm Thickness Ultra slim 12V 5A LED power supply for mini lighting characters, 2 years warranty, iP43 for indoor lights

Place of Origin China
Brand Name XR
Certification CE
Model Number XR-60CL-12
Minimum Order Quantity 96PCS/CTN
Price Get the latest prices
Packaging Details 2PCS/Inner box, 150PCS/CTN
Delivery Time 2-7 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 20000PCS per day
Product Details
Output Current 6A Output Type Single
Output Voltage 12V Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Voltage 180-264Vac Output Power 72W
Warranty 3 Years Size 353×18×15.5mm
Material Aluminum Housing IP Level IP43 For Indoor
OEM Yes Protection Over-load, Over-voltage, Over-current, Short-circuit
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Product Description

 Product Specification: 


AC 220V to DC 12V 6A Ultra Slim Power Supply 72W for LED lighting Box

1). Sepcifications

Model Size/mm Input Output Output Current Warranty
XR-60CL-12 353×18×15.5 AC 180~264V DC 12V 6A 2 Years
XR-60CL-24 353×18×15.5 AC 180~264V DC 24V 3A 2 Years


2).Input Characteristics

  1.    Input Voltage: AC 180-264V
  2.    Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
  3.    Input Current: 0.8A Max (full loaded at the lower limited of input voltage range) 
  4.    Inrush Current: 80 Amps Max. Cold start at 240Vac input, with rated load and 25℃ ambient.
  5.    Ac Leakage Current: 3.5mA Max. At 240Vac input

3) Output Characteristics


       1. Output Power

Voltage Min. Load Rated Load Peak@10mS Rated Output Power
DC 12V 0A 6A 86W 72W


        2. Line Regulation

Voltage Min. Load Rated Load Line Regulation Load Regulation
DC 12V 0A 6A ±3% ±5%


       3. Ripple and Noise


          Under nominal voltage and nominal load,the ripple and noise are as follows when

          measure with Max.Bandwidth of 20MHz and Parallel 47uF/0.1uF,crossed connected at testing point.


Voltage Ripple and Noise(Max.)
12V DC 300mV p-p


      4. Turn on delay time: 2Second Max.at 220Vac input and output Max.load.

      5.Rise time:400 mS Max.at 220Vac input and output Max load.

      6. Efficiency: 86%Min, At220Vac input voltage and full load calculation efficiency.

      7. Overshoot: 10% Max.When power supply at turn or turn off.


4) Protection Functions:

      1. Short circuit protection:   auto recovered when short circuit faults remove.

      2. Over Voltage Protection:  lock when over voltage, must close and restart AC Source.

      3. Over load protection:   auto recovered when over current faults remove.


5)   Test:  Drop test, Salt Spray Test, Surge test, Ageing test, lightning test, Temperature Variation test etc.


6)  Safety Requirement

      1. Safety Standard: Safety: Design by IEC60950 standard.


          Primary to secondary:1200Vac/10mA/60S for type test.

          Primary to case:1200Vac/10mA/60S for type test.

           Secondary to case:300Vac/10mA/60S for type test.

      3. Iusulation resistance:Primary to secondary:10MΩ min at 500V DC.


7) EMI Requirement

    Designed according to the following standards:
      1. FCC class B rules
      2. EN55022 class B rules
      3. GB9254-1998,GB17625.1-2003


8) Structurer: 


9) OEM: Customize label and Inner box


10) Packing details

2 Years Warranty XR-C/CL Ultra slim series

XR Indoor Lightbox Ultra Slim Power Supply List (IP43, 2 years warranty)
Model Name Output DC Power Size(mm) MOQ/Packing Carton Size(mm) G.W/ctn Input AC Power
XR-18C-12 18W 12V 1.5A 180.5*18*18 156pcs/carton 380*250*283 17kg 200~240V,50/60hz
XR-24C-12 24W 12V 2A 180.5*18*18 156pcs/carton 380*250*283 17 200~240V,50/60hz
XR-36C-12 36W 12V 3A 271*18*15.5 144pcs/carton 350*330*305 21 200~240V,50/60hz
XR-48C-12 48W 12V 4A 271*18*15.5 144pcs/carton 350*330*305 21 200~240V,50/60hz
XR-60CL-12 60W 12V 5A 293*18*15.5 96pcs/carton 380*250*283 10 200~240V,50/60hz




11) Complete Ultra slim HX-GC/CL Series: 

Model Size L*W*H Power Input Output Cooling Waterproof Level Warranty PCS/CTN CTN Size/ CM G.W (KG)/CTN
HX-24GC-12/24 271*18*15.5 24W AC 200-240V DC 12V 2A DC 24V 1A No fan IP43 For Indoor 3 Years 168 35*33*30 19.5
HX-36GC-12/24 293*18*15.5 36W AC 200-240V DC 12V 3A   DC 24V 1.5A No fan IP43 For Indoor 3 Years 168 35*33*30 20.3
HX-48GC-12/24 293*18*15.5 48W AC 200-240V DC 12V 4A   DC 24V 2A No fan IP43 For Indoor 3 Years 168 35*33*30 20.5
HX-60CL-12/24 353*18*15.5 60W AC 200-240V DC 12V 5A  DC 24V 2.5A No fan IP43 For Indoor 3 Years 96 35*33*30 19.5
HX-72CL-12/24 293*18*15.5 72W AC 200-240V DC 12V 6A   DC 24V 3A No fan IP43 For Indoor 3 Years 150 35*33*30 20.3
HX-100CL-12/24 413*18*15.5 100W AC 200-240V DC 12V 8.3A   DC 24V 4.1A No fan IP43 For Indoor 3 Years 150 35*33*30 20.5


 Factory Capacibility: 





 Factory Capacibility: 


1. Professional manufacturer:  17 Years experience,  10,000 square meters factory,

                                                 400+ employees,  8 production lines

2. Scientific Management:        ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified, 7S  administration
Independent R&D teams :    10+ Engineer teams, innovative and independent R&D ability

4. Advanced equipment:          SMT plant,  wave-soldering machine,  Semi-auto assembling,

                                                 EMC lab, Test Lab, Ageing room etc.


15mm Thickness Ultra slim 12V 5A LED power supply for mini lighting characters, 2 years warranty, iP43 for indoor lights 0